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Lashes +Brows


Eyelash Extensions Natural

IDR. 500.000

Eyelash Extensions Medium

IDR. 600.000

Eyelash Extensions Dramatic

IDR. 700.000

Lash Refill Natural

IDR. 400.000

Eyelash Removal

IDR. 200.000

Lash Refill Medium

IDR. 500.000

Lash Refill Dramatic

IDR. 600.000

Lash Tinting

IDR. 120.000


Brow Tinting

IDR. 140.000

Brow Lamination

IDR. 550.000

Light and Shadow

Brow Lamination

glossy, gorgeously groomed brows

lasts up to 4-8 weeks

effortlessly beautiful 

Me time starts now

gorgeous brows are everything -

ready for yours?

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