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Russo Mani ∕ Pedi

take your nails to the next level with this modern approach to beauty

gorgeous mani pedis faster and last longer

find out why so many have switched to this style and love it

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What makes the Russo technique special ?

The technique originated in Russia and stands out because of its attention to detail

and unique approach. 

Unlike traditional nail salons where your hands are soaked in a bowl of warm water to soften dead skin cells followed by tools to manually push back and clip cuticles,

Russian manicures clean up your cuticle and nails with a soft-head drill and

uses several steps of polish application.

Also known as a dry manicure, the process involves a trained nail technician

using an electronic file to remove excess skin surrounding the nailbed for a crisp, clean finish.

A special base coat applied to your tips entirely depends on the strength of your nails.

Unlike gel nails that has the same amount of coat application,
It specifically caters to the individual client's needs, as the base coat is

selected based on the length and strength of your nail.
Then comes the gel polish, which is applied with an artist brush to prevent

the typical overgrown look and sealed with a topcoat. 
This part of the process helps the polish and look last longer.


It can last from three to four weeks, depending on how fast the nails grow.

The polish will start to grow out, which is typically when people go

to get their gel polish removed and replaced.

The result? Super clean, perfectly executed mani pedis.

Me time starts now

inspired yet, babe?

try the Russo mani pedi now

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