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Brand Spankin' New

Fresh new vibe.

Think Pink has spent the past 10 years making clients look and feel good while sharing great energy with the community. We thought, it's time for change.

Something bigger, better, more - a little more extra.

To express the many weekends we spent together, keeping everyone looking beautiful.

We've grown from a simple dream to a household name thanks to our loyal customers, friends and loved ones.

We're so grateful for the time building the brand, taking care of you all and learning

throughout the journey.

We’ve recently done a rebrand and working on our reno. We want you to stay inspired

and keep moving forward. We updated our style with a fresh, new style and we’re so excited to show you something a little different to how you may know Think Pink. We're adding more fun parts to the space to take your salon experience to the next level.

We can't wait to share more and it's all happening very soon. In the meantime, we’re staying open throughout the renovation with more services and new collections. The reno will be done in stages so you can count on your fave treatments no matter what. Come by, say hi, We’re always happy to see you.


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